The Learning Exchange
September 7, 2009, 12:14 AM
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written by Diane Kinishi and G. Robert Lewi

“(Published in 1977) The Learning Exchange was started in the early 1970’s out of a series of seminars at Ivan Illich’s center in Mexico. This document is an explanation of “what it is, how it works, and how you can set up a similar program in your community.” It is a fascinating handbook that describes an educational model, but also acts as a more general resource for administration, advertising, fundraising, etc.
To keep the file size down, I cut out the 92 page appendix, which consists of lots of correspondences, articles, interviews, and so on, which provide a broader perspective of the phenomenon of the Learning Exchange, which acts as a precedent for contemporary social networks in general and The Public School (LA) in particular.”

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April 10, 2009, 8:58 AM
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Video Vortex Reader
April 5, 2009, 3:31 AM
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written by Tilman Baumgärtel, Jean Burgess, Dominick Chen, Sarah Cook, Sean Cubitt, Stefaan Decostere, Thomas Elsaesser, David Garcia, Alexandra Juhasz, Nelli Kambouri and Pavlos Hatzopoulos, Minke Kampman, Seth Keen, Sarah Késenne, Marsha Kinder, Patricia Lange, Elizabeth Losh, Geert Lovink, Andrew Lowenthal, Lev Manovich, Adrian Miles, Matthew Mitchem, Sabine Niederer, Ana Peraica, Birgit Richard, Keith Sanborn, Florian Schneider, Tom Sherman, Jan Simons, Thomas Thiel, Vera Tollmann, Andreas Treske, Peter Westenberg.

“The Video Vortex Reader is the first collection of critical texts to deal with the rapidly emerging world of online video – from its explosive rise in 2005 with YouTube, to its future as a significant form of personal media.”

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