David Robbins at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies
August 19, 2009, 1:32 PM
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David Robbins speaking at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies on “high entertainment.” A practice for the future that combines the critical capacity of fine art with the pleasures and reach of show business, “high entertainment” could be what you are already making. Robbins’s objects, images, and writing reflect on spectacle and the position of the artist in the visual system, and suggest possibilities for a new relationship between art and the entertainment industry.


Episode 82: David Robbins
August 19, 2009, 12:00 PM
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Bad at Sports talks with David Robbins.

“There are some people who are really properly configured for a place like the art context and they ought to be making art and they ought to be thinking of themselves in those terms. But lots and lots of people aren’t and they go to the art context sort of by default, there’s no other place for them to go so they interpret the art context as the most wide open or accepting of all sorts of idiosyncratic kinds of production. In the final analysis the art context wants art and the mind is capable of producing lots of things that are not quite art or near art or on the other side of art or next door to art. And those kinds of things can be hugely valuable and ought not to be made into art unnecessarily, they’ll be harmed by being interpreted as art. So you kind of have to insist on the mind being able to produce other categories of production but its your job not only to produce those things but maybe construct the contexts for their interpretation as things that are not quite art or other than art or other kind of imagination forms. I’m very uncomfortable with the idea that we’ve already discovered all the categories of production that the human mind can come up.”

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‘This Is Not a Game’:Immersive Aesthetics and Collective Play
May 6, 2009, 3:29 AM
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Jane Mcgonigal

“The increasing convergence and mobility of digital network technologies have given rise to new, massively-scaled modes of social interaction where the physical and virtual worlds meet. This paper explores one product of these extreme networks, the emergent genre of immersive entertainment, as a potential tool for harnessing collective action. Through an analysis of the structure and rhetoric of immersive games, I explore how immersive aesthetics can generate a new sense of social agency in game players, and how collaborative play techniques can instruct real-world problem-solving.”

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