Who really needs Art PhDs?
August 8, 2009, 11:40 AM
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James Elkins in conversation with Elpida Karaba. This is a brief interview, originally published in Boot Print 2 no. 2 (December 2008 [2009]: 11. (Special issue on art academies.)

“It seems that for some free studio-based systems, the so called free activities, are implicitly a subjection to the star system and the art market. They seem to consider particular programs of artistic research as a kind of mediating force, a thinking-doing space for the artist and artistic research within academia, as a possibility and opportunity to suspend the trends and demands of the curators and star seekers. Free studio-based systems in these terms are considered to be individualistic and neo-liberal thinking systems. I wonder, reversing the argument, couldn’t that be the case for the educational system of artistic research, which can be a different kind of star system itself, being subjected to a credit system and to an intense pursuit of five star institutions?”

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